The James Bond 007 Special – Part 2 – Podcast


What are the Top 3 James Bond movies ever? Rabid 007 fan Kyle Peters and international James Bond expert Matt Raubenheimer continue chatting through the Top 5 Bond movies (pre Skyfall). Along the way they touch on most of the films, all of the actors, with selections from the score from many of the films. Theme Songs to many of the movies will also be heard and truck load upon truck load of 007 history/trivia/knowledge will be passed on to you. This is one not to miss.

Duration: 113 minutes

This podcast covers their Top 3 Bond films, Goldfinger, GoldenEye and Casino Royale as well as many other topics and questions such as: Who is the best Bond actor? Who has the best interaction with Q?  What makes a classic James Bond movie? Is Martin Campbell the greatest Bond director? And much more… It’s all inside.

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